When do you get to say you are a writer? In 2011, I left my job as a middle-school Latin teacher to have more time write. I had been blogging seriously for a year and had written the first draft of a novel while spending my days in the classroom.

Before anything else, I knew I must publish Alpha is for Anthropos, the collection of Ancient Greek verses I composed over seventeen years teaching Greek to children. It came out on November 12, 2013. Next I plan to publish my English translation of Αιολικἠ Γή (Aioliki Yi: The Land of Aeolia) by Greek author Ilias Venezis, a lyrical account of the author’s childhood in Asia Minor before World War I. Then I will return to the manuscript of my novel, Asa and Irini, a coming-of-age story set in New York in the nineteen eighties.

I have years of research for a biography of the the American Philhellene, Eva Palmer Sikelianos (1874-1952). My own life story is intertwined with hers, such as the anguished story of my village house in the Peloponnese. These are some of the stories I want to tell. Thank you for reading.

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