Dear Reader,

Welcome to my website and blog. Thank you for taking the time to find me here; I hope you find something of interest. I invite you return often, to share in this work-in-progress. Here is an overview of what you will find.

Letters Home

I began this blog at the same time I made the resolution to leave classroom teaching to become a writer. Through blogging, I created a practice of writing publicly about personal concerns. Early entries are password protected. Ask me for the password if you are interested.

I call the blog Letters Home. I have lived far from home at many times in my life, and much of my earlier writing was in the form of letters. I wrote letters home to report on the experiences I was having abroad and through writing to sustain a sense connection to a place of safety and security. What home means has evolved over the years, but I think I write these blogs for the same reason. By writing about diverse experiences I am trying to bring them home and make sense of them.


Here I  collect some of the pictures I have taken with my cell phone and shared on Facebook. I hope to post more. Check back.


This a page of poetry where I publish poems composed for specific occasions and specific people. Give me an event to memorialize in verse.


This is the page for my tweeted haiku. I have tweeted over 500 haiku. I am only partly through the process of putting them on this page by category. Some of the haiku result from prompts and haiku word games on Twitter. Give me a prompt.


This is the page for  Alpha is for Anthropos, a collection of my  original nursery rhymes for teaching Ancient Greek to children with illustrations in the style of red figure vase paintings.


2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Nina Barclay says:

    Hello, I am writing a fan comment for Alpha is for Anthropos. I teach high school Greek in CT. I’ve occasionally taught outreach programs and so was delighted to see how much you were able to achieve. Lucy’s artwork is superb, and the humor and room for expansion in presenting the songs is great. My high school kids have begged to color and sing as well. (So we have!) I can’t wait to use it with younger students. You made my Saturnalia. Thank you!

  2. thsellers says:

    Dear Nina,
    Thank you for your lovely comment. I hope you will forgive my terrible delay in responding. I only discovered it today! I am delighted that you have been able to use our book, pictures and songs with your students. I appreciate how you recognize the potential for expansion in the material. The whole thing needs the touch of an inspired teacher to come alive. You are clearly such a teacher. Very best wishes to you and. Io Saturnalia!

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